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Midway High School

1st golfer at MHS to qualify for regional competition...Will Richardson!

MHS's first golf team was established in 2010. Senior Will Richardson has played on the varsity golf team for four years and was the first GreenWave Golfer to make it to the Region 2A-AA Regionals TSSAA Tournament.
The District Tournament was held in Crossville at the River run Golf Club on Monday, September 11, where the temperature never went above 59 and golfers played through rain on the back nine. Will ended the day with a score of 114 but that was enough for him to make the cut for regional play.
The Region Tournament was held at the Sevierville Golf Club on Monday, September 18, where the weather was beautiful but hot. Will ended up with a 104 for the day but scored his career best on the back nine with a 45.
A BIG thank you goes out to Ms. Trew and Mr. Human for their support and organization of the golf team the past couple of years and congratulations to Will Richardson for his great efforts!