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Midway High School

Jana Russell » Scholarships


1. Great scholarship websites for various scholarships!
2. Tennessee Concrete Association High School Essay Contest
Requirements: 16- 18 years old; typed, double-spaced essay max 600 words- complete form to submit essay online
Deadline: January 24, 2020
3. The American Legion Oratorical Contest
Requirements: grades 9-12- writing and presenting an original speech focusing on the US Constitution
Deadline: January 10, 2020
4. C. B. Brown Scholarship Program- Tennessee School of Beauty full tuition scholarship!
Requirements: Seniors interested in pursing a career in cosmetology
Deadline: March 31, 2020- See Mrs. Russell for an application!
5. Oak Ridge Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training
Requirements: See website @
Deadline: January 6- 18, 2020- All info needed on the website!
6. Knoxville Business Association Scholarship $1,500 first year; $2,000 second year; $2,500 third year; $3,000 fourth year
Requirements: Students pursuing a business-related degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Education Requirement: Graduating senior from a public or private high school
  • Field of Study: Business-related degree. Major does NOT have to be within the school of business. 
  • GPA Minimum: 3.0
  • College/Enrollment Requirement: Full-time enrollment at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Additional Requirement: Preference given to students who intend to work in Knoxville
Deadline: February 15, 2020- Apply at
7.  Pavilion Society Charitable Foundation Scholarships- $2000-$4000
Requirements: Graduating senior pursuing a degree at a four year college/university with a minimum 3.0 GPA
Deadline: March 1, 2020- See Mrs. Russell for an application!
8. Kyle William Kiihnl Memorial Scholarship $1000
Requirements: Graduating senior with completed scholarship packet/essay
Deadline: February 22, 2020- See Mrs. Russel for an application!
9. UTC Marjorie Watson Mathematics Scholarship $5000
Requirements: Incoming freshman to UTC amjoring in mathematics
Deadline: February 15, 2020- for more info:
10. Westbrook Scholarship Chemistry and Physics at UTC
Requirements:Complete high school chemistry with a minimum B average, 3.5 GPA, ACT 26 or higher, declare chemistry/physics as major at UTC
Deadline: February 14, 2020- Apply at