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Midway High School

Google Drive & Student E-mail


To access Google Drive for file storage, MHS students can go to and then sign in with the assigned username you use to sign on to our computers in this format -  and your assigned password.

For example, a student whose login username is 19baguineapig, would do the following:

Go to and enter for the e-mail and the assigned password in the password box.
This should open up a screen that looks something like this...
You can click here to see how Google Drive works, or see Mrs. Sather in the media center for a quick lesson.

This is also a great tool to use if you need to create a word processing document, a spreadsheet, or even a slide presentation. Info on all of these features is available here.
All of your work can be accessed anytime you have an internet connection so you can create it at home and open it at school, or vice versa. It is available on your mobile device as well.

There is a free e-mail account (GMail) that is available with this same Google account. However, it is VERY LIMITED in that it is only for you to communicate with teachers at our school and not students. It cannot be used to sign up for anything where an e-mail is required. Here's how you would access that...

And then click on this...