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Midway High School

MHS Student Handbook


We, the faculty of Midway High School, believe that it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to strive to graduate productive citizens.


Welcome to Midway High School.  This is your high school and your future.  You will be offered many avenues by which to pursue your high school education.  Your education depends upon the effort that you are willing to put into your educational process.  The faculty and staff at Midway High are dedicated to ensuring your success as a student and a citizen.  It is our goal to provide you the tools necessary for becoming a successful, independent member of the community.

Keep in mind that the faculty and staff are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have during the year.  The outlined expectations were developed in direct reference with the board of education policies; however, not all rules and expectations are addressed in the agenda.  It is expected that students adhere to all rules and will not violate the rights of others.


School rules and consequences published in this handbook are subject to change as needed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.  The Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct will be followed in conjunction with this handbook.  Students will be held accountable for the information in this handbook as well as the Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct.  Failure to read this handbook and the Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct does not excuse the student from rules and regulations of Midway High or the Roane County School System.



Class schedules at Midway High School operate under the Four x Four Block Schedule.  Students take 4 classes each term for a total of 8 classes per year.  Each block is 90 minutes long. 


The time required for graduation is 4 school years or 8 school terms.  The required number of credits is 29.  The number of credits completed will determine student classification.  Students may not change classifications during the school year.  The privilege to attend certain school functions is determined by grade classification.  Classification will be as follows:

  • Freshmen............................... 0-5.5 credits
  • Sophomore............................. 6-12.5 credits
  • Junior..................................... 13-20.5 credits
  • Senior..................................... 21 credits


Students must select an Elective Focus although the Core Curriculum must be completed in all paths of study.


The following are course requirements for graduation:


Core Curriculum

English....................... 4 credits

Math........................... 4 credits

Science...................... 3 credits

Social Studies............ 3 credits (World Geography or World History, U.S. History, Economics (1/2 credit), Government (1/2 credit)

Wellness.................... 1 credit

Foreign Language...... 2 credits of the same language

Fine Arts.................... 1 credit

Electives.................... 10 credits

Total.......................... 29 credits


Under guidelines established by the Roane County Board of Education, all required credits must be completed before the student may participate in graduation exercises.



Midway High School reports unweighted GPA for students up to a 4.0.  However, for ranking purposes only, MHS will award .02 points per one core dual enrollment course a semester starting during the junior year for students.  Core DE courses include any math, science, history, or English course only.  Therefore, students participating in a core Dual Enrollment course during their junior and senior year may earn up to a total of .08 extra points towards their Ranking GPA. This can affect valedictorian status if a student has taken a Dual Enrollment course and another student has not. The student with the DE course could be ranked higher than the student without the DE course.


Dual Enrollment, Middle College, and Early College Opportunities

Dual Enrollment allows students to take courses at Roane State Community College to earn college and high school credit.  Students must meet the following benchmarks on the ACT to be eligible: 18 English, 19 Reading and Math and maintain a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. There is grant money to help pay for this and the counselor will meet with students who qualify concerning this.


Middle College is an opportunity for students to attend Roane State Community College half a day and Midway High School the other half of the day.  The goal is to earn credits during Junior and Senior years towards an associate’s degree as well as finish and earn a high school diploma.  Students who are planning to attend graduate school after earning a bachelor’s degree after high school are the prime candidates for this program.  Requirements for Middle College include the following by the end of sophomore year: 3.25 G.P.A, 24 ACT composite score, taking Geometry, Algebra II, and Chemistry during the sophomore year of high school and maintaining a minimum of a B average in those courses.  Any student who begins Middle College and makes an F in any course will automatically be dismissed from the program and return to the high school full time.


Students who do not participate in Middle College as a Junior may have another opportunity to participate in Early College their Senior year.  All the requirements are still the same including GPA, courses taken, and ACT requirements. However, students may participate in RSCC courses and high school courses for their senior year, earning up to as many as 30 college credits. This would allow these students to get a head start on college and enroll as a sophomore after graduating high school.



Report cards are issued at the end of each nine weeks.  The report card will be given to the student, except at the end of the year in which the report card will be mailed.  Progress reports will be issued about 4 weeks into each semester.  The grading system is as follows:

A-Excellent      93-100

B-Good            85-92

C-Average        75-84

D-Poor             70-74

F-Failing           below 70

An incomplete is given only when an illness or emergency prevents the student from completing his/her assignments.  An incomplete on the report card becomes an F if the incomplete work is not made up within 4 weeks from the date it is issued.  Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.

Classes that are 9 weeks long will be given ½ credit upon successful completion.  For classes that are 1 term long, the student must have a passing average for the term in order to receive 1 credit.



The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to systematically assist students in developing the skills they need to enhance their personal, social, educational, and vocational development.  The counselor will assist students with such counseling services academic advisement, graduation requirements, six year plans, college/career planning and exploration, at-risk assistance, parent/teacher conferences, standardized testing, scholarship information, and registration for the upcoming school year.



All schedule changes must be made through the counseling office.  Except for teacher preferences, all requests made prior to the beginning of classes will be honored providing space is available and graduation requirements are not jeopardized.  Once the term has started, students will have 3 days to change their schedules providing their request meets one of the following guidelines:


  • A class on the schedule was taken and passed in summer school.
  • The class was failed the previous term.
  • The student wishes to try a more challenging course.

The following are NOT acceptable reasons for requesting a course change:

  • Teacher preference
  • Fear of a low grade
  • Course not required for graduation

Requests for teacher preference are not honored at any time.



A student who is tardy 3 times to school or class shall be assessed 1 unexcused absence.  Additionally, unexcused tardies count as demerits.



Students with 6 or more absences the previous or current semester will be listed on an Attendance Improvement Program.  Students will remain a part of the program until they attend a semester without accumulating 6 absences.  Students in the program must provide official documentation in order to be allowed any additional excused absences.  A total of 10 unexcused absences accumulated over any 2 consecutive semesters will result in a petition filed with the Roane County Juvenile Court.  For additional information concerning attendance and absences, see the Roane County Board of Education Board Policy.



For information concerning attendance and absences, see the Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct or the Roane County Board of Education Board Policy.




A student who leaves school will be counted absent from the classes missed.  If a student is to leave during the school day, the parent/guardian must make a written request or other arrangements with the principal.  A number must be provided so that the principal may verify the request.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached at the number provided, the student will be denied permission to leave unless the parent has previously verified the dismissal with school officials.  Any requests for early non-emergency dismissal must be approved by the principal at the beginning of the school day.


All Roane County Schools have a closed campus policy at lunch.  No student will be allowed to leave to eat lunch at another location.


Any student who arrives on campus must stay on campus unless he/she has permission to leave.  Disciplinary action for violation of this policy is an automatic 3 day suspension.



Students may visit the media center between classes or during class with permission from the teacher.  The student must obtain permission from the teacher to present to the media specialist upon arrival to the media center. Students must obey the rules posted in the media center, which include no food, drinks, or gum.  In order to use the Internet, students must have the Internet Use Form signed and and on file with the Library Media Specialist. Students may print information related to the classes they are taking at Midway High School.



Students will not be called out of class to receive phone calls except in extreme emergencies.  Students will not use the office phone for personal calls.  It may be used only with permission during class breaks.  If the student is tardy to class because he/she is using the phone, the tardy will be unexcused.  Please work out transportation needs with parents or guardians before arriving to school.



Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be visible during instructional time.  Students may use these devices between classes and at lunch.  If students have their cell phones or other electronic device out during instructional time, such devices will be confiscated and turned into an administrator.  The guidelines set forth in the STUDENT CODE OF CODUCT will be followed.  It is not the responsibility of administration to recover lost or stolen personal entertainment devices.



Students are discouraged to bring visitors to school; however, parents and guardians are always welcome.  All visitors must check in through the office and obtain a visitor’s pass.  Students who have children are discouraged from bringing those children to school.



The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.  Students should not leave articles of value in an unlocked locker.  When jewelry, clothing, wallets, money, etc. are found, they should be turned in to the office.




Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies, and furniture supplied by the school.  Students who disfigure property, break windows or do other damage to school property or equipment will be required to pay for the damage done or to replace the item.



Lockers are the property of the school system and are subject to search at any time.  Personal property in lockers is also subject to search.  Students are not to decorate the lockers with stickers, pictures, etc.  Locker cleanliness and neatness are mandatory and can be enforced through school policies.  Students in lockers not assigned to them are subject to disciplinary procedures.



Each student is issued textbooks at the beginning of each term.  The student is responsible for his/her books.  If a student loses a book, he/she may be issued another book only after he/she has paid for the lost or damaged book.



The parent/guardian must provide a Medication Authorization Physician’s Statement form for prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.  This form may be obtained from the school secretary.  The parent must also sign a parental permission form for giving medication at school.  Prescription drugs must be in a current, professionally labeled bottle from a pharmacist.  If a student is to take over-the-counter medicine, the medicine should be given to the nurse/secretary in a bottle with the student’s name on the outside of the bottle.  All medication brought to school must be taken to the front office.  The parent must pick up any remaining or unused medicine.  Any medicine that is left at the end of the school year will be discarded.



Driving to school is a privilege.  Students who drive must show responsibility in this area.  Students must leave their car and enter the building as soon as they arrive on campus.  The vehicle must remain parked until the end of the school day or until permission is obtained to move the vehicle.  Students who must go to their car during the school day must obtain permission from the office.  Cars violating parking procedures can be disciplined through school policies.  Furthermore, the principal may refuse a student the privilege of driving to school if the student is involved in any misconduct involving the student’s vehicle.  Students who drive to school must pay a parking fee of $10.  Additionally, students must be passing 2 or more classes to be allowed to drive to school.  Driving privileges will be determined each grading period.



Items purchased in the cafeteria must be consumed in the cafeteria.  All items are subject to be inspected for illegal substances.




Personal property is subject to search prior to and during any school function.

School functions such as dances and proms are for high school students and their guests.  No one below the 9th grade will be permitted to attend these functions.  No one who is suspended or expelled will be allowed to come to such activities.  In order to participate in field trips, students must have a passing grade in all classes on the day of the scheduled field trip.




Whenever a student is guilty of cheating, the teacher shall collect the student’s paper, assign the student a zero for the work, and notify the parent and office of the action taken.



Demerit/Detention System

In order to avoid major disciplinary action for repeat or future occurrences, Midway High will utilize the following demerit system:

3 Total Demerits = 1 hour of Detention

6 Total Demerits = 1 hour of Detention

 9 Total Demerits = 3 Days of I.S.S.

Accumulation of demerits will not carry over from one semester to another semester.  If a student receives a 4th automatic detention during a semester, the resulting disciplinary action will be 3 Days of I.S.S.  Midway High Schools I.S.S. is located at Midtown Educational Center in Midtown, TN.


See the Student Code of Conduct for more information on this matter.


EXIT Passes

Students are given 10 EXIT passes each 9 weeks (for a total of 36 passes.)  These passes are to be used to leave class to go to the restroom or locker.  If a student does not have an EXIT pass, he/she will not be allowed to leave the classroom or his/she could choose to take an automatic detention.  Students who provide a doctor’s note are exempt from this policy but a note must be provided each academic year.



If a student is found in possession of tobacco and/or using tobacco products, he/she will automatically receive a 3 day suspension.  Additionally, a tobacco citation will be issued.  E-cigarettes and vapor are considered contraband.  Therefore, student who found with these items in his/her possession will also receive a 3 day suspension.



Midway High School gives our students the opportunity to participate in football, basketball, softball, baseball, and golf.  We believe that athletics is an important part of a well-rounded education. 


We are members of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) and therefore are governed by their rules and regulations.  To be eligible to participate in athletics, certain criteria must be met before participation in practice and/or contests is allowed.  Athletic criteria can be found at

Any inquiries regarding athletic eligibility should be made to the Midway High School Athletic Director.



Midway High School gives our students the opportunity to participate in several clubs and organizations.  We believe that this sort of involvement is an important part of a well-rounded education.  For a complete list of clubs at Midway High School, see our website  Additionally, parents are allowed to prohibit their children from participating in such organizations by providing written notification to the school.


Semester Exams

Semester Exams are given at the end of each semester.  Students can be exempt from semester exams provided they meet both the academic and attendance requirements spelled out on our exemption forms.  No semester exams are given early and students who miss an exam must provide an original doctor’s note in order to make an exam up.  Additionally, if a student shows up late for a semester exam, he/she will not be able to take the exam.  Students must be present for the entire exam block. 



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords certain rights to parents and eligible students (any student who has reached the age of 18) regarding educational records.  The following rights are guaranteed under FERPA:

  1. The right to inspect and review the student’s educational record;
  2. The right to request that the record be amended if the parent feels the record is inaccurate, misleading, or violative of the student’s privacy rights;
  3. The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information in the educational record, except that which FERPA allows without consent;
  4. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education; and
  5. The right to obtain a copy of the Roane County Schools’ policy regarding FERPA from the local school principal’s office.

Parents or eligible students who do not wish to have specific information released to any outside person or agency may request that no information be released.  This request must be in writing to the principal of the school with a copy to the Director of Schools.  The request must be received no later than 15 calendar days after the annual notification of rights.  Annual notification shall be made in the Student Code of Conduct.