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Midway High School

Syllabus for Biology

Resource Biology


Instructor: Brett Dickerson (865) 376-5645


Class Objective:  For students to increase their overall understanding of the Tennessee state standards for high school students taking Biology I. The skills covered will include the following concepts: Cells, Interdependence, Flow of Matter and Energy, Heredity, and Biodiversity and Change. Each standard and topic to be covered can be viewed individually at the following state website:

Class Goal:  For students to improve their understanding of biology in order to help them advance to a higher level of educational performance.

Teacher Mission:  I will do my best to provide each student with a relaxed environment that will encourage them to have fun, to ask questions, to get involved, to seek and experience success daily, and to feel that they have a safe place to learn without being judged in a negative manner.

Class Materials:  Each student will be assigned a class book. They will need to have a three ring binder for their assignments. All assignments should be kept in order by date. Student is responsible for the condition of the book at the end of the course.

Student / Parent Grade Portal:  We use Jupiter Grades at MHS to keep our students and parents up to date on progress in classes. All students have been given login information but if it has been lost or forgotten, Mrs. Sather is happy to help with that information. Parents have a separate login and if that is needed, please send an e-mail to with your student's name. There is a button on the right side of this page that will take you to the Jupiter site. 

Grading System:

 *Notebook/Projects:  20%

 *Tests/Quizzes:  30%         

 *Daily Work:  50%

Contacting the Teacher:  My planning block will be during 4th block for the second term. However, parents should feel free to contact me at their own convenience. You may also reach me by email:

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